Dave is a short film that pays tribute to jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck on the 10th anniversary of his death in 2022.

In an interview, Dave recounted that he wrote his piece "Point on Jazz" on a train, looking through the window glass at the passing nature and observing the outside world as if he were completely detached from his world...very similar to what we also experienced during the pandemic, when we were forced to stay at home with our loved ones for very long periods, feeling stuck in limbo. The world outside and the world inside one's own four walls suddenly seemed more separate than usual.

"Dave" is a surreal depiction of a couple in their own ecosystem.

Their reality is based on a repetitive routine that makes perfect sense to themselves. The sense of time changes, each feeling toward the other is strengthened. The sound of their words returns like a boomerang, amplified even as reverberation from these walls; sometimes everything seems too narrow, sometimes time seems endless in their eyes.

Their imaginations and dreams extend far beyond these walls, but they are always aware that they would not be able to breathe the air outside their little oasis.

At the start of the assessment, we scoped out which requirements and features we wanted to implement by the assessment deadline. We used the assessment brief provided to us and and took into account the amount of time we had until the assessment deadline to determine how far we wanted to take the project and what features we wanted to implement. As we began to plan out the implementation details, and started to make design decisions, it became clear that changes would need to be made to the architecture defined in the previous assessment. We wanted to make sure the structure of the game was clear and easy to understand before we started coding, with the aim of making our code more maintainable.

Artistic direction and choreography: Roberta Pisu
Music: Arcis Saxophon Quartett
Dancers: David Cahier, Guido Badalamenti
Costume: Roberta Pisu
Sound design: Jure Knez
Camera: Claus Hierluksch
Video: Jure Knez