“Movement is the essential ingredient for the world to continue surviving”Akran Khan

Roberta’s approach to dance draws from her 23-year career as a dancer, her artistic vision with arcis_collective in Munich, and her experience at the Jung Theater Department of the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz as a choreographer.

Her work is based on several crucial questions: “Why do I dance, and why do I start to move?” and “When and how do I move?” From these fundamental questions, we begin a formation focused on the study of movement in relation to space, inspired by the Laban method and some important aspects of dance theater.

The goalsof the class are:

  • Development of the architecture of the body in relation to space.
  • Development of body consciousness, awareness, and poetry, using the body in a three-dimensional way (the concept of a transparent box, where the performance is observed from different viewpoints—around, above, below, and from the sides).
  • The use of the body involving deconstruction, fragmentation, curved, and dropping movements.
  • Choreographic composition.
  • Development of students’ improvisation skills using the elements studied during the class, with an active role for the performers in the choreographic composition process.
  • Creation of one’s own composition.
  • The connection with music, exploring rhythm, the impact of music on movement, and the freedom of interpretation.
  • Self-discovery: understanding who I am before I start moving.
  • Aligning movement with the intended message.
  • The art of translating an image into dance.

Each grade will have a focused plan according to the specific age and school programs.