About Khorovod

The idea behind Khorovod was to tell a story of a human being as there are many: the story of a man who has reached a stagnation point, a total emotional block that chokes him <<Federico Fellini>>. A creator of worlds who, with his eyes open, reflects on the person he could have been, convinced of proceeding towards one direction, while actually always returning to the same place, in a situation where the starting point and the arrival point coincide. The result is a grotesque uncontrollable character, with an insatiable need to move.

The music brings us back to the traditional Russian dances: kalinka and korovod and their element of cyclicallity, circularity and ritual. As if this memory was part of a collective memory, of a ritual that the soul carries with itself from generations, of a life already lived. Time here has an elastic flow. Does this bizarre human beening, living among the grotesque and the ancient memory of a pagan rituals, eventually finds the way out?

The question is yet to be answered...

The question is yet to be answered.

Khorovod has no intention of coming out of that world yet, he is still harnessed and addicted to it, or at least he will be until he understands what the elastic represents.

Choreography: Roberta Pisu
Dancer: Francesca Poglie
Music composed by: Alexey Igudesman
Music by: Arcis Saxophon Quartett